Shoalin Temple UK to re-open Monday 3rd August


Greetings from Shaolin Temple UK! We hope you are enjoying the sunshine and staying safe during this ongoing pandemic.

It is a challenging time and we must all continue to protect ourselves, our loved ones, and other humans by wearing a mask and practising social distancing.  We are excited to announce that we will Re-Open the temple on the 3rd of August. Moreover, we will soon make some adjustments to the online timetable in order to run both classes run smoothly.

It is imperative to book classes in advance for those of you who wish to come and join our offline classes at Shaolin Temple UK. To book lesson at the Temple, please use our booking form here:

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Here are some important points we would like to highlight:


*All students must arrive at the Temple in their uniforms, ready for class and leave the Temple keeping warm and covered up. Showers are unavailable for the time being, so please bring a towel to dry off and a jacket for after your class.  Social distancing protocols must be adhered to at all times, there will be demarcated spots on the floors to help with this.

*Students may not share equipment and will therefore be required to bring their own cushions and Qi Gong sticks for Qi Gong classes.  Alternatively they may purchase from the Temple Shop (limited stock of cushions).  We also have yoga mats for sale (£8) which can be rolled up to sit on.

*We must allow time between classes in order to clean and aerate the room before the next class.  This means students will be expected to leave the space promptly once the class has finished.

*If there is space for students to do one class after another, students will be required add their name to a waiting list in order to attend.  Also we ask students to dry off with their own towels (no showers will be allowed as yet) and change into another dry uniform especially applicable if doing Qigong after a Gong Fu class.

These measures are in place to ensure a safe environment for Students and Staff alike. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Online classes will continue! We are thankful for your patience, support and your Shaolin spirit.  STAY SAFE EVERYBODY! The Shaolin family takes care of one another and the world.

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