Dear members and friends,

We’ve been open for a week and a half and all is going well! Everyone has been really supportive and understanding of following the protocols, thank you! The teachers, management and Grandmaster Shi Yanzi have been very happy to welcome some of you back on the premises. Also we encourage you to do online classes as well. Qigong classes specifically don’t need much space.

We are continuing with our cleaning and sanitising regimes and trust that all students will continue being vigilant about these matters too.


• Please continue to wash your hands before and after classes.
• Stay physically distanced from each other.
• We will allow members to use our cushions for meditation in the Qigong Class.
• Booking offline classes (training at temple) at https://shaolintempleuk.org/offline-classes/
• Temple member’s subscription also includes online classes.
• Online members who want to train at the temple need to upgrade to the full membership.

Please continue to book the Temple classes beforehand.For the time being the website system can not cancel your booking, we will update this in few days. Please call the Temple at 02076878333 or text 07833881111 to cancel your classes if you can not attend, so the space can be taken by another member who wishes to attend instead.

Shaolin is a lifestyle of health. Protect life, protect all. For new members it may feel difficult at the beginning, but carry on training and in a few weeks, you will feel better and gain the benefits.

Stay safe, stay strong, stay well. Keep training!

Shaolin Temple Uk

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