Kung Fu membership gives you access to all online Kung Fu lessons.  We hold 8 Live Kung Fu Classes per week, a total of 32 per month.  Kung Fu classes are taught by Grandmaster Shifu Shi Yanzi and his 35th Generation Shaolin Disciples who are highly knowledgeable in Shaolin Kung Fu.  They will carefully guide you throughout your journey, at the end of each live session we have a short Q & A session, where you will be able to ask any questions.  Throughout the lessons the instructors will watch your movements and provide you with feedback for corrections.  All levels are welcome regardless of experience.

Basic skills (基本功; jīběn gōng): These include stamina, flexibility, and balance, which improve the body abilities in doing martial maneuvers.

Power skills (气功; qìgōng): These include:

  • Qigong meditation: Qigong meditation itself has two types, internal (内; nèi), which is stationary meditation, and external (外; wài), which is dynamic meditation methods like Ba Dua Jin  (八段锦), and others.
  • The 72 arts: These Include 36 soft and 36 hard exercises, which are known as soft and hard qigong.

Combat skills (拳法; quánfǎ, “skills”): These include various barehanded, weapon, and barehanded vs. weapon routines (styles) and their combat (散打; sàndǎ) methods.


By using our Online Training Courses, you agree to the following:
• Your training area is clear of obstacles, The surface you are training on is safe.
• Children under eighteen years old must be with a guardian.
• We will not be liable for injuries and damages to items in your training area during training.