Preparation Grading 24TH APRIL Expired


* Saturday 24th April- New classes for Foundation level for those that are ready! *

Shaolin Temple UK invites you to our online Preparation level grading happening on 24th April at 12 pm. New classes for Foundation level for those that are ready!

We have attached our BRAND NEW syllabus for the grading exam. Grandmaster Shi Yanzi has updated our Preparation syllabus with new core combat techniques and Liuhe principals that are being taught in our classes now!

Grading will cost only £10 + postage fee for your certificate.

All of our teachers have been building this up and will focus on the grading syllabus over the next few weeks to help you prepare.

Additionally, we will hold a FREE grading Zoom session on the 17th of April at 12 pm to help everyone prepare and go through the syllabus.

We encourage all of our members to join, test their skills and unlock the path to new Foundation classes!

View our syllabus here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1UtMgYExnGTA-7AZ2o8zbcLZcj59frH1U/view?usp=sharing

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All you need is to download Zoom. You can also use your browser if you don’t want to download it.

By using our Online Training Courses, you agree to the following:

  • Download Zoom (free)
  • Your training area is clear of obstacles, the surface you are training on is safe.
  • Children under eighteen years old must be accompanied by a guardian

We will not be liable for injuries and damages to person or property in the period of the on-line course.