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Qi Gong is a series of ancient medicinal exercises originating in ancient china and practiced today. Many describe Qi Gong as ‘moving meditation’, Chinese Yoga or the exercise equivalent of acupuncture.

Qi Gong movements are deep but simple, helping to stimulate circulation, muscle relaxation, mobilising joints, activating  Qi, improving flexibility, promoting healthy metabolism and strengthening the immune system. One of the most famous Qi Gong movements, which we teach at Shaolin Temple UK, is BaDuanjin.


Literally meaning Eight Pieces of Brocade. Ba Duan Jing contains eight movements, which can be practised together or separately. Originally taught to the Shaolin army by the Indian Sage Ta Mo or Bodhidharma, the form emphasizes controlled movements combined with regulated breathing, focusing on the movement of Qi throughout the body. In the Shaolin Temple this is the first form of Qi Gong that students learn and study. This tradition of learning Ba Duan Jin first goes back over 800 years. After years of practice the benefits are clear and the practitioner feels vitalised, energetic and healthy.

Qi Gong Membership gives you access to all Shaolin Temple UK Qi Gong classes. Classes are taught by Grandmaster Shifu Shi Yanzi and his 35th generation Shaolin disciples who are highly knowledgeable in Qi Gong and Meditation. The teachers will carefully guide you throughout your Qi Gong journey. At the end of each live session we have a short Q & A session, where you will be able to ask any questions. Throughout the lessons the instructors will watch your movements and provide you with feedback for corrections. All our on-line classes are recorded and accessible for 48hours by members, so you don’t have to miss your favourite classes.


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• Children under eighteen years old must be with a guardian.
• We will not be liable for injuries and damages to items in your training area during training.

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