Our Ultimate Subscription allows members unlimited access to all Shaolin Temple UK online courses.  It is ideal for families or students who wish to attend the maximum number of classes available.  The courses covered are:

Meditation and Qi Gong:
The movements stimulate the circulation, help the muscles to relax, mobilize the joints, stimulate Qi, improve flexibility, promote a healthy metabolism and strengthen the immune system. Originally taught to the Shaolin Army by Bodhidharma the form emphasizes controlled movements combined with regulated breathing and a focus on the movement of Qi throughout the body. In the Shaolin Temple this is the first form of Qi Gong that students learn and study, this tradition of learning Ba Duan Jing first goes back over 800 years.

Adult Class:
The class is explosive, featuring bursts of activity at the high intensity one needs to fight. Students are taught movements which combine the different stances along with punches and kicks. These patterns provide the basis of the co-ordination and conditioning for combat techniques.

Kids Class:
Traditionally Shaolin Gong Fu masters were entrusted by parents to help in raising their children by teaching them self discipline and respect through the philosophy and teachings in Chinese culture and the physical training. Gong fu is especially good for children to help them develop physically in the areas of balance, coordination, reaction, flexibility, speed, strength, stamina and power. As well as these benefits, children build their self-confidence, learn to respect themselves, their master and fellow students which is a large part of training martial arts. Martial arts is a self discipline, which requires focus, hard work and perseverance which will help children in all aspects of life not just the martial arts.


  • KIDS KUNG FU (5 -17 YRS)


    Beginner and Intermediate with Shifu Hengai



  • KIDS KUNG FU (5 -17 YRS)


    Beginner and Intermediate with Shifu Chris



  • KIDS KUNG FU (5 -17 YRS)


    Beginner and Intermediate with Shifu Heng Tong


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