Saturday Kungfu| For all levels/members/non members

  1. Saturday drop in class is open for members and not member, kids and adults, to have a weekend Kung Fu training with our masters.




    family: £10/ each person (only for Kids & Parents,Parents/Adult class)

    Saturday class Timetable

    • 10am to 11am  Kids classes at the Chan Hall.

    •  10am to11:00am Parents/Adults in the fist Hall.

    • 11am to 12:30pm adults Kungfu & forms

Classes Description: 

Weekend Gong Fu classes; Saturday’s Kung Fu course is designed to meet the needs of martial arts enthusiasts. The first class is basic skill training and the second class is the Shaolin traditional form xiao hong quan, suitable for all levels. Members and non-members welcome.

2.Saturday Qigong Course

from 25.00



Meditation &Qigong (Ba Duan Jin)


Classes Description: 

Teacher: Hengdi Shi (Bat)

Who can join: Everyone

Outcome: learn the complete Qi Gong lv1 Ba Duan Jin

Course breakdown:

Week1- part 1 explanationx,and follow form, meditation and qi gong brush explanation how to use effectively.

Week2- part 2 practice with explanation, follow rest of the form

Week3- part 3 pracitce with explanation

Week4-part 4 practice woth explanation

Week5- part 5 with explanation

Week6-parts part 6 with explanation

Week7- part 7 with explanation

Week8- learn final part

Week 9- all 8 parts repeat Q&A

Week 10- quick review of everything you have learnt and final Q&A

Once complete there will be a final exam to qualify you for advanced Qi Gong Practice lv2 and if you so wish, you can learn to teach lv1.

The aim of the Qi Gong Lv1 course is to teach the practitioners how to practice the form correctly and the ability to train independently once completing the course. This is a rare opportunity to learn the full Ba Duan Jin form from scratch and get deep understanding of each sections and energy flow. There will be a final exam after 10weeks, once you pass the test you will be awarded lv1 certificate and given the opportunity to enter advanced Qi Gong lv2 course.Baduanjin (also called Eight-Section Brocades) is a form of Chinese medical qigong, meant to improve health.

Baduanjin has a history of more than 1000 years. Its primary focus is on the release of internal body energy with the intent of producing diverse health benefits for all ages. It is comparatively easy to learn.
This class is open to ALL LEVELS including beginners.

In China Qi Gong has been practiced, developed and tested throughout generations and passed down in a very practical way.
These classes (if you practice regularly) will, besides improving the overall health of your body and mind,  also gradually help you to improve your flexibility and strengthen your tendons. In this class will give you an insight into how to practice Qigong correctly and how to increase body energy levels. Additionally, these classes also help guide you on how to make your life calmer and happier using simple but effective meditation techniques that have been tasted since ancient times.

– Relaxation Qigong (Fang Song Gong). Sophisticated methods of progressive relaxation that can be practiced standing or seated.
– Standing Meditation (Zhan Zhuang) – Standing Meditation is the foundation of energy – qigong practice. The student learns to stand in meditative postures for a period of time in order to improve posture, deepen the breath, and increase the body’s structural integrity.
– The Eight Brocades or 8 Pieces of Brocade (Ba Duan Jin). It is primarily designated as a form of meditation and medical qigong, meant to improve mental and physical health.