Women Only

Shaolin Warrior Women – Women’s only Classes – 12 week course. Monday and Friday Mornings 10am-11:35am

We are running our next term of women’s  classes starting on the 13th (Monday) and the 17th (Friday) of January 2020! The term will run over twelve weeks with two classes per week. (Ending on the 30th of March and 3rd of April). Monday and Friday Mornings 10-11:35am.

Monday’s classes will focus on Qigong and Traditional Shaolin exercises and forms, followed by basic self defence and Sanshou (fighting) preparation (correct footwork and stances training).

Friday’s classes will focus mainly on Sanshou (fighting) preparation with pad work and self defence techniques with traditional Shaolin exercises. Ending with a short Qigong calm down.

We will be building up your confidence, strength, flexibility and skills the Shaolin way! Classes include Chan meditation, Qigong, traditional Shaolin preparation and foundation exercises, forms, fighting(sanshou) and self defence techniques. All levels welcome! (We will work with individuals’ experience and fitness levels).