The official home of Shaolin Temple China for Buddhism, Kung Fu, Meditation & Qi Gong


Integrating Eastern & Western Wisdom

The Shaolin Temple holds many treasures. Of these treasures, three stand out prominently.


QiGong is not merely about cultivating physical health; it also helps with mental clarity. Whether you want to feel more calm during your day or recover from mental exhaustion, QiGong is the ancient practice that will help you get there. This ancient practice of cultivating health & longevity can help bring balance to your life, allowing you to get back on the right track and find happiness.


Shaolin Kungfu is a traditional martial art that teaches us to control and develop our body and spirit. Our training methods combine the physical and mental aspects of our being, enhancing our vitality and helping us to defend ourselves when the need unexpectedly arises.


Meditation is a process of connecting the mind with the divine. The ancient art of meditation has been practiced for centuries and has helped numerous people attain enlightenment. The Shaolin meditation technique is not religious or ritualistic, but spiritual.

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