(Intermediate Beginners) KungFu Foundation Online Live Video Course

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– Shaolin Kungfu Combat Foundation Online Live 

– 10 Hours of Video Live Course

The following items are required to complete this online course:

  • A dry sweat towel
  • Dry floor and safe place
  • Kungfu training shoes

Course Syllabus:

2. Intermediate beginners level-Kungfu Foundation

Imagine yourself building a house, here first you have to think about the foundation, without proper groundwork the house will shatter in the first breeze. Likewise you can not fight without having the necessary foundation skills, which will be demonstrated to you in this level. Be clear that also this stage has to be repeated for 5 to 10 times, that will add up again to 50 to 100 hours of attractive Shaolin foundation activities. The normal watching time is 10 hours, e.g. will you here increase the number of press-ups, of the turning punches and knee raises, also, you will be introduced to the secrets of Shaolin stretching, your balance control will be improved so your balance will be similar to the roots of an old tree. Then, there will be more flexibility kicks introduced, the body coordination will be practiced with more advanced techniques. At the end of this stage, there will be a deeper focus on the fighting stances, the basic footwork with the incredible powerful movements will be explained in detail, as well as the Shaolin combat fist techniques will be brought to a higher level. Here you will mainly practice three major punches, as well as all thinkable combinations of them. Now you will be introduced to the powerful Shaolin shadow boxing movements, as well as the right way to punch and use a boxing-bag, and then proceed to pad work in the ancient use. The combat kicks will be slowly presented to the students, so you can do single training and group practice, bag training or pad work. There will be detailed explanation on push kicks and round kicks in this stage as well. Finally the combinations of fist and leg techniques will be shown to the practitioners, followed by more subtile counter attack techniques, combined with round kick and defense for it. Here the power of Qi (an ancient Chinese breathing technique) is introduced for strength, so that the muscles and tendons are getting able to fit the needs of an experienced Shaolin combat master.

All suffering is caused by ignorance – Buddha –

Dear Student,

This course was designed by Shifu Shi Yan Zi, a 34th generation Shaolin warrior, who has more than 40 years experience in Shaolin combat Kung Fu, Qi Gong and Chan-Buddhism. He was dispatched by the Abbott of the Shaolin Temple China to open the Shaolin Temple UK, which he is leading since 1998.

The course is created for beginners and progressed students, it is easy to follow and progress can be achieved fast. You can become unshakeable and achieve your goals faster thanks to the masters profound knowledge.

We want to give everyone the opportunity to learn the Shaolin teachings and methods to maintain and improve everyones combat skills and to develop ones personality in terms of character and virtues.

With the knowledge of a 1500-year-old-tradition you can learn from home and save your valuable time.

The Shaolin Temple UK arranged this extraordinary 11 stage course for you, so that you can gain the basic Shaolin combat skills in a logical manner. Each stage will take about 50 to 100 hours to complete.

Each class takes you an hour; in order to acquire the necessary abilities you should repeat each class at least 5 times, or until you are able to remember the movements and you can perform them by heart.

Experience joy and fulfillment in your training and reach a momentum of profound personal development, get and sustain a perfect body awareness with these ancient secret movements.

In our online courses you can gain profound wisdom of the old techniques, learn them whenever and wherever you want.

The essence of this course is about becoming a peaceful person, from your inner being to your outside community, the true nature, the heart of the knowledge. It is not about going outside and fight on the street, the wisdom of Shaolin Kung Fu is about stopping violence.

The 11 stages of this course build upon each other, from preparation to foundation, this is rooster, followed by oxen and horse, then intermediate classes like dog, monkey and snake, at that stage advanced classes like crane, leopard and finally lion. Remember that each of these 11 stages will take 50 to 100 hours of your time, so all we are talking of a 500 to 1000 hours course from beginning to the end, depending on your abilities and your constitution.

All stages you can take part on the Shaolin Temple UK grading system by Zoom or directly here on the premises, you can book and plan your personal appointment in order to have a certificate representing your acquired skills.


Course Requirements:

The following items are required to complete this online course:-

  • Kungfu training shoes
  • Dry and safe place
  • Sweat towel

Please Note: Course access lasts for 6 months from the date of purchase.

User Testimonial

Robert Chan

With Shifu’s guidance I followed his special QiGong practices to heal, within a few weeks my breathe, energy improved. By mid-September my energy regained fully, returned to work as I could now think and not get exhausted. mid-September I had a follow up x-ray, Lungs fully 100% healed, the covid-pneumonia all gone.
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