Thin Qigong Brush (Bamboo)


Learn Shaolin Ba Duan Jing in your own time, includes Qi Gong stick and instructions on proper usage

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This high quality massage brush is made of 108 bamboo rods that create vibrations, which relieve stress and tension in the muscles and assist in unblocking your Qi and energy. This is a natural battery charger for the body.

Most recommended to use after your Qigong practice.
Types: Thin Bamboo & Thick Bamboo

Brush maintenance and care:

The Qigong brush is a very personal item and it is not recommended for sharing. It helps us with our practice and we use it during our workout. From time to time, depends on the frequency of use and storing conditions, some attending might be required.

If you notice the brush is loosing its’ elasticity or the bamboo rods are very dry, please do the following:

Hold the Qigong stick so the grip handle is on the bottom. Hold the bamboo rods with one hand and apply little bit of baby oil on the top. Allow the oil to drip slowly and cover the rods. Move the rods from one side to the other thus allowing the oil to cover the bamboo rods. Use a clean napkin to help remove excess oil. Use a rubber band or a piece of string to tie the bamboo rods together. Allow the stick to rest over the night.

There are at least 6 reasons to purchases the massage brush:

1.Prevent injury: 
Qigong brush stimulates blood circulation throughout your body (by helping to relax muscles), which reduces the chance of injury.

2. It is a kind of a substitute for Chinese acupuncture:
Qigong brush can help to unblock meridian channels. They are the channels where body’s qi or energy flows. These channels usually get blocked due to (mild) illness and stress thus creating energy flow blockage. Massaging oneself with Qigong brush can help to open or prevent this blockage.

3. Charge up your Qi:
By hitting yourself with a Qigong brush you stimulate qi – energy flow throughout the body which boosts your body energy levels.

4. Stimulate the lymphatic system:
Lymphatic congestion can lead to inflammation and disease. Water retention or mild welling, so called false fat, is a sign of a sluggish lymphatic system. Massaging one’s body with Qigong brush stimulates the lymphatic system, which releases toxin and helps organs to function harmoniously.

5 Boost Immunity:
Recent study has shown that people who receive regular massages had an increased number of lymphocytes, which are white blood cells that play an essential role in defending body from diseases.

6. Stress Relieve:
Gentle beating of one’s body can have a calming effect on the mind and releases endorphins in the body.

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