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Welcome to Shao Huo Gun (gun meaning ‘staff’ in Chinese), also known as Firing Staff. This is a long staff/stick form which will be taught in-temple.

  • 13 weeks. Start date 10th July 2024
  • Every Wednesday 8.30pm-9.30pm
  • This is a 2-part course. After the first 5 weeks, there will be about three weeks  break during which you will practise the first part. part 1: 10th July – 7th August  Part 2: 4th September – 2nd October
  • You can purchase your long staff (6ft) from reception on your first day of the course. This costs £30 (not included in the £180 course price). If you have your own long staff already, you can bring it
  • Temple members with a monthly/3-monthly/annual subscription (not to be confused with the £30 annual membership) do not need to pay for this class. However, they DO still need to register for it
  • Limited space – only 15 people can join the course, so PLEASE ONLY REGISTER IF YOU ARE SURE YOU CAN COMMIT. Subscribed members who miss more than 3 classes will need to pay a penalty of £15 per following missed class

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