Shaolin Damo Duan Guen (Short Stick Form) Online Live Video Course

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Shaolin damo Duan gun Online LIVE Course

– Damo Duan guen Online Live 

– 10 Hours of Video Live Course

The following items are required to complete this online course:

  • Short stick
  • A dry sweat towel
  • Dry floor and safe place
  • Kungfu training shoes

Course Syllabus:

All suffering is caused by ignorance – Buddha –


Course Requirements:

The following items are required to complete this online course:-

  • Kungfu training shoes
  • Dry and safe place
  • Sweat towel

Please Note: Course access lasts for 6 months from the date of purchase.

User Testimonial

Robert Chan

With Shifu’s guidance I followed his special QiGong practices to heal, within a few weeks my breathe, energy improved. By mid-September my energy regained fully, returned to work as I could now think and not get exhausted. mid-September I had a follow up x-ray, Lungs fully 100% healed, the covid-pneumonia all gone.
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