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Traditional Hatha Yoga is a practice of balance through Posture(asana), Pranayama(breath), Mudra (gestures) and Meditation. 

Yoga practice extends well beyond the confines of the yoga mat and physical movements (Asana). Yet, it’s within the realm of Asana practice that one can catch a subtle glimpse of profound stillness and access the concealed reality obscured by the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Yoga asanas serve as a tool for aligning the body, fostering equilibrium, and mastering the mind. They provide the opportunity to gain insight into one’s own struggles and discomfort on the mat while learning not to identify with them.

Strength and flexibility naturally develop as byproducts of asana practice, but its core purpose lies in the journey of self-discovery. Through this practice, you will get closer to realising your true nature.


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