Shifu Hengjiu

35th Generation Disciple
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Akin (Shifu Shi Heng Jiu) is a 35th generation Shaolin Temple disciple. He was born in London England and moved to Lagos, Nigeria as a child. During his childhood years Akin developed an interest in Chinese martial Arts through exposure to Hong Kong martial arts movies, especially the films by legend Bruce Lee. This in turn triggered a desire in learning a traditional fighting art form and its philosophies. This was very instrumental to his early years living in Lagos as Akin had a ‘slight frame’ and living in a very ‘energetic and physical ’ environment, he needed to learn ways of defending himself.

On returning to England in his late teens, his formal martial arts training started with Muay-Thai before meeting renowned 34th generation shaolin master Shifu Shi Yan Zi and changing his martial arts training to Shaolin Gong Fu. Since 1999 Akin has studied under the tutelage of both Shaolin masters Shifu Shi Yan Zi and Shifu Shi Yan Lei.

Since then he has dedicated himself to studying orthodox Shaolin Temple boxing specialising in its modern application in the form of Shaolin Sanshou, Traditional Shaolin fist forms, Shaolin Steel Jacket (one of the Shaolin 72 Styles) and Ba Duan Jin Qi Gong. In 1997 he won Gold at the British full-contact Sanshou championship and then went on to win a gold medal for both team and individual form demonstrations at the first European Shaolin cultural festivals. In 2014, he also won a bronze medal at the third European Shaolin festival.

Akin currently teaches Shaolin Gong Fu classes at the Shaolin Temple UK.

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