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Health and longevity can be achieved without being a Shaolin Monk. Shaolin QiGong offers some excellent ways to achieve these goals. Many of the Shaolin methods for achieving excellent health are carried out in an elegant, gentle manner, quite unlike the vigorous, demanding feats performed by the Shaolin monks in ancient times. You can now take charge of your health.

Evolution of Qigong and KungFu Through a Shifu-Disciple Relationship

Shaolin KungFu

Shaolin Kung Fu is a Chinese martial art and life philosophy. Practice of Shaolin Kung Fu enhances one’s ability to defend oneself and perform daily activities, such as work and socializing, without undue fatigue or distress.

Shaolin QiGong

Shaolin Qigong is a holistic practice of breathing, movement, and meditation that was developed by the monks of the Shaolin temple. Cultivates both yin and yang aspects of our being, is gentle on the body & leaves you feeling rejuvenated yet grounded.


Shaolin is the holy land of martial arts. It was, and still is, the temple of Kung Fu. Here at Shaolin Temple UK, students train in Qigong, Kung Fu, Meditation to become Shaolin disciples and learn the secrets of Shaolin’s many treasured martial art techniques.

Training for Adults

Here at Shaolin Temple UK, students train in Qigong, Kung Fu, Meditation to become Shaolin disciples and learn the secrets of Shaolin’s many treasured martial art techniques.

Training for Concessionary

Get results wherever you can train. Unlimited Live Online Virtual classes for teaching, practise, sparing scheduled in Asiapac, European, American time zones taught by Shaolin Temple UK Shifu’s beaming in from UK, China, Japan, Mongolia, Slovenia and Greece every week day.

Training for Kids

It is not only very effective for self-defense, but it also provides an excellent system for developing such qualities as perseverance, tolerance, courage, discipline, and the ability to make fast, sound decisions — qualities which, in our modern law-abiding society, are probably more useful than mere fighting skills.

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Training Plans include:
  • Access all classes Qigong, Kung Fu, Meditation classes (subject to grading levels) Onsite Shaolin Temple UK and Online Virtual
    •  Online Virtual Adult Training Plan; access only online classes,
  • Zoom app integrated to access online virtual classes,
  • Easy to schedule search and booking both on-site and virtual classes,
  • Book 1on1 Personal training with Shifu
  • Inclusive loyalty points redeemable on all products and training plans,
  • Exclusive member only discounts on accessories, courses, workshop and retreats.

Note; An active membership is required to purchase a training plan.


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CONCESSION £20 £90 £238 (£76/m) £698 (£65/m) £78/m £15 £20 £20 £25
ONLINE VIRTUAL ADULT £10 £69 £174 (£58/m) £660 (£55/m) SALE PRICE £468 (£39/m) £59/m - £5 - £6
CHILDREN £20 £60 £150 (£50/m) £480 (£40/m) £50/m - - £15 -

* An active membership is required to purchase a training plan, plus first year member fee and subsequent renewal fee.
** Includes one year member fee.

Frequently asked questions

Shaolin Membership Fee:
As a Shaolin member you enjoy the full package of membership benefits, included in your membership plan are alumni pricing on all subscriptions and products, exclusive early access to course releases. 

Special Member Discounts to our Events such as Live Seminars/ Workshops and Yearly Summer Retreats

Monthly Live Shaolin Disciples Tea Chat with Shifu + Q & A/ Feedback Sessions

Training fee:

As a Member you may subscribe to the Shaolin training plans that meet your budget.

An active membership is required to purchase any of our Shaolin Training plans.

We believe that combining self training with Live Class training you really get the best out of this online Training Experience.

Non-Members may purchase a single class or one day pass.

All our training plans have no contracts or minimum periods, you may purchase any duration that meets your needs. 

However to honor your commitment to your Shaolin training and to provide further value, we have added one (new) training plan “Monthly : 12 month contract” this does have a minimum period of 12 months, this includes Membership and is a lower monthly amount.

Download Shaolin Temple UK Mobile App to quickly view your calendar and easily book your favorite classes, schedule private 1-on-1 training and register workshops from any mobile device.

In addition, view your training schedule and easy Temple check-in or attend a Anywhere Virtual class online.

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There are four aspects or dimensions in kungfu: form, force, application, and theory.

The philosophy of kungfu involves not just fighting and health. Some of the material is amazingly profound, and concerns man and the cosmos, sometimes preceding modern science in wisdom. Shaolin masters had profound knowledge of cosmic and vital energy long before modern physicists and medical scientists used similar concepts in their studies of the sub-atomic particle and the inter-relationship of our body systems. The masters deliberated on various concepts of mind long before our modern psychologists realized that there are different levels of consciousness. An understanding of such philosophy not only enhances our kungfu, but also serves as a gateway to the profundity of eastern wisdom.

Shaolin Kungfu has three main aims: effective fighting, excellent health, and personal development.

The ability to fight well isn’t the same as being aggressive or brutal; nor does it imply a desire to prove one’s ability by fighting. Kungfu disciple who has been practicing for some time must be able to fight, otherwise he does not understand the fundamental function of the art.
In addition, we should also be careful not to take the other extreme: encouraging Kung Fu students to fight and even taking sadistic pride in brutal fights. The Shaolin master is a superb fighter, but if he can avoid it, he will not fight. If he does fight, he will demonstrate his superior skills without unnecessarily hurting the opponent.

The second aim of kungfu is to promote health – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Even though kungfu is an excellent system for promoting health, it is not the main purpose of the system to promote health.

Kung Fu’s third dimension is application, which is the functional component. The ability to defend ourselves is undoubtedly an invaluable asset in our law-abiding society today, despite actual fighting being rare. Self-defense ability creates a sense of courage and confidence that can be rewardingly expressed in our daily lives.

Kung Fu’s best use is not only to fight. Through kungfu training, we are able to develop qualities of good fighters, like courage, calmness, sound judgement, fluidity of movement, and mental freshness, which are applicable to making life more rewarding and meaningful for ourselves and for others.

Theory – the philosophical aspect of kungfu – is the fourth dimension. All written and unwritten records of the histories, traditions, principles, methods, techniques, and philosophy of Shaolin Kung Fu are included here.

CH’AN HALL 100 square metres of training space, purpose built training floor with a beautiful mural spanning the entire back wall, featuring a visual metaphor of

FIST HALL Competition size boxing ring, 15 punch, kick bags and speed ball plus weights area, perfect for your training needs.

BUDDHA HALL Roxana teaches our Warrior A serene space for Meditation and Ch’an Buddhism. Come here for a quiet moment. Find your inner peace.

INFRARED SAUNAS Benefits include detoxing the body, relieving muscle and joint pain and relieving stress.

CHINESE MEDICINE CLINIC Chinese therapeutic massage, physiotherapy, acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and more are available by appointment.

100% Happiness Guarantee – 7 Days No Question Asked Full Refund on Membership and all Training Plan fees, if we don’t exceed your expectations.

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Our Shaolin Disciples say

From training at Shaolin Temple UK I have not only learned that if I put in effort, focus, determination and reflect back on my training I can often surprise myself (in a good way) with what I can achieve. I have met some of my best friends at Shaolin Temple UK and they are my Shaolin family.
Beautiful and peaceful temple with lovely people. Kongfu, meditation and Zhenjiu…best place for learning Chinese culture in London!
I have been training at the Shaolin Temple UK for many years. It’s one of the best places to learn traditional Shaolin martial arts from highly experienced Shifu’s, it is also very well equipped and a friendly environment.
My daughter has been going to shaolin temple uk for sparring and to learn kung fu. It is an excellent place for kids to learn self defense skill.
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