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Welcome to Shaolin Temple UK

We are proud to announce that this is the official Shaolin Temple branch here in the UK setup by the legendary Shifu Shi Yanzi, 34th generation fighting monks.

The goal for the Shaolin Temple in the UK is to promote real Gong fu practice in the traditional form, Shaolin's famous Qi gong internal techniques as well as the free fighting application of San Shou.

Shaolin Temple UK is the leading Sanshou school in the UK winning multiple national and international competitions.

Please enjoy the experience within the site - there a lots of video clips and images to view as well as plenty of informative literature about the Shaolin Temple culture.

Thank you,
Shi Yanzi

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Shaolin Boxing Gloves

Shaolin Temple Boxing/Sparring Glove.

Real Hide Leather (foam and latex padding)
Attached thumb, ventilated palm
Wide Elasticated Velcro closing around wrist for extra support and protection.


Bag gloves

Bag Gloves

Available in small, meduim and large.

Available in Black (Outer)/Red(Inner) or Red/Black


Punch pads

Real Hide Leather (foam and latex padding)
Pre-curved focus pads with glove design.
Available in Red and Black.

£35.00 per pair


Latest News

2014 Easter Holiday

Easter holiday

18 April Good Friday close
21 April Easter Monday close
19 April Saturday still open

Saturday Classes

Preparation class and form class on Saturday is open to members and non-members. Every one is welcome. classes are from 10:00am-12:00am



Shifu Shi yanzi

Shifu Yanzi wins in style. Second Round KO.
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Volunteers needed! Please email us at if you are interested.
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Qi Gong & Meditation

Qi Gong Meditation

Qi means breath or gas in Chinese, and by extension, the energy produced by breathing that keeps us alive

Children’s Training

Children’s Training

The age-specific concept of teaching stems from years of research in childhood growth and development

San Shou

San Shou

The word "San Shou" also spelled "Sanda" translates as "unbound hand" and refers to free fighting where the rules are