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Shaolin temple UK is the official home of Shaolin Temple China for learning Buddhism, Kung Fu Chan and Meditation & Qi Gong.

We are one of the foremost Shaolin Kung Fu centre in the world, with a reputation backed by national and international awards, titles, medals and accolades.

Get unlimited access to training classes on-premise at the Shaolin Temple in London and online led by our expert masters “Shifu’s” daily across Asia, Europe, the Americas.

Ready to learn the secrets of Shaolin’s many treasured martial art techniques?

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Mastery by over 10000 Shaolin Students. Since 1998.

Andrei Alin Popescu

Positive: Quality The Shaolin Temple is a unique place in London. Like an oasis of tranquility and wisdom in this crazy city. The teachers are the real deal and can teach kung-fu for all levels, and much more for those willing to learn.
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Integrating Eastern and Western Wisdom

The Shaolin Temple holds many treasures. Of these treasures, three stand out prominently.


QiGong is not merely about cultivating physical health; it also helps with mental clarity. Whether you want to feel more calm during your day or recover from mental exhaustion, QiGong is the ancient practice that will help you get there. This ancient practice of cultivating health & longevity can help bring balance to your life, allowing you to get back on the right track and find happiness.


Shaolin Kungfu is a traditional martial art that teaches us to control and develop our body and spirit. Our training methods combine the physical and mental aspects of our being, enhancing our vitality and helping us to defend ourselves when the need unexpectedly arises.


Meditation is a process of connecting the mind with the divine. The ancient art of meditation has been practiced for centuries and has helped numerous people attain enlightenment. The Shaolin meditation technique is not religious or ritualistic, but spiritual.

Shaolin Way to Physical and Spiritual Health

Take your health and your life to new heights with the Shaolin Arts. The three arts of QiGong, KungFu, and Meditation are the living treasures of the Shaolin Temple. Forget everything you know about exercise or fitness. These arts will make you stronger, healthier, and happier than ever before!

Kungfu is about harmony, not aggression. It has its origin in the philosophy of the Shaolin, whose deep understanding of life underlies everything they did. We hope our Shaolin Temple UK will help you find balance, vitality, and joy in your life.

You may be asking how Shaolin qigong can give you health, vitality, and longevity. The answer is simple; by cleaning the meridians and harmonizing yin-yang.

Chinese medical philosophy states that if you cleanse your meridians and harmonize yin-yang, eliminate illness, then everything will be great! With qigong, people can clear meridians and strengthen vital energy to enhance immunity, reduce weight, improve skin appearance, prevent cancer, slow aging process.

Walk in the Steps of Ancient masters

The Shifu's

“Art of fighting without fighting” Bruce Lee

Shifu Shi Yan Zi Our founder is Grandmaster Shifu Shi Yan Zi. He is one of the chief disciples of Shi Yong Xin, Abbot of the Shaolin Temple in China, and a prominent Gong Fu master among 34th generation Shaolin monks. In 1983 Shi Yan Zi began his training at the Martial Arts College of Shaolin. He subsequently went on to become national Sanshou Champion for 15 consecutive years. Grandmaster Shifu Yanzi opened the Shaolin Temple UK in 1998 with the intention of bringing enlightenment to the citizens of London through the ancient Zen teachings and Gong Fu practices originating from China.

Shifu Henghu Aaron is based in Tokyo, Japan. He has gold and silver medals for Taolu and Sanshou (Sanda) Kickboxing and has performed as a member of the Shaolin Warrior Monks team at Shaolin Temple, China. His Monday morning online qi gong and kung fu classes are a great way to hi-kick-off the week!

Shifu Hengjiu Former British Sanshou champion, and silver forms medalist, Akin has dedicated
himself to studying traditional Shaolin Temple boxing. He specialises in its modern application in the form of Shaolin Combat, forms, Steel Jacket (one of the Shaolin 72 Styles) and Ba Duan Jin Qi Gong. Join him for kick-ass Gong Fu classes!

Shifu Heng Ai Roxana teaches our Warrior Womens Kung Fu class. She is committed to a lifelong journey in the study and practice of Martial arts, particularly within Shaolin Gongfu, and strives to continuously deepen her understanding in all fields of this holistic martial practice.

Shifu Heng Dao Milan is founder of the Shaolin Temple Slovenia. He sees Shaolin culture as much more than a martial art; he sees it as a way to a healthier and happier life eventually leading even to the highest enlightenment. He is deeply committed to the application and healing potential of the meditation (mental and spiritual practice) at the heart of Shaolin philosophy and practice. Shifu Heng Dao’s Qi Gong online classes are a must.

Shifu Han Li Chris has been training for over a decade with Shifu Shi Yan Zi. Over the years he
started to see changes in himself, not just physically but mentally as well. Through hard training and dedication, he has developed good fighting skills, increased his flexibility, become faster, stronger and grown a lot from when he started. Now, as a teacher, it is his honour to carry on the teachings of our Grand Master Shifu Shi Yan Zi

SHIFU Heng Di Bat is from Mongolia and is currently based there, teaching the popular online HIIT classes at lunchtimes and Kung Fu. “Everyone can practice Kung Fu to fit their
lifestyle for selfdevelopment. Whether
your goal is to get fit, build self-confidence, improve your health, become a fighter or find self-balance and peace through practice I am happy to coach you to reach your potential.”

SHIFU Heng Tong Anthony favourite class to teach will always be the entry level preparation class. Why? “Because I get to introduce kung fu to the practitioner.” For this British National
Sanshou champion Shifu, Bruce Lee’s expression, “I do not fear the man that practices ten thousand kicks one time, I fear the man that practices one kick ten thousand times”, will always stand eternally true. Anthony’s kids kung fu classes are legendary.

Shifu Heng Hu What Alena loves about Shaolin is that it teaches not only combat and fitness but also wisdom, compassion and how to take care of our health. “I have always wanted to become a fearless martial arts master who could teach women and men self-defence so they couldn’t be taken advantage of or bullied,” she says. “When Ineed to lift my warrior spirit, I
like to watch The Matrix or anything with Jackie Chan. However, my real inspirations.

Happy Faces of Happy Disciples

Ready to learn the secrets of Shaolin’s many treasured martial art techniques?

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