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From what I understand this is the uk official branch of the shaolin temple in china. Shifu yanzi and the students he has raised to become teachers are the real deal, shifu yanzi himself doesn’t seem like a regular kungfu master, Both he and the teachers all have combat experience in the ring/self defence, all the teachers also have the internal disciplines as well the external training to a high standard which is rare.

It really is a pleasure to train at the school, because of my life style and work I cannot commit to the daily routine the school incourages. I’ve been training at the school on and off for many years and I feel I’m part of the community. Training in the yard during summer, learning stick forms, chi gong and meditation in the morning… practicing forms till the dead of night! It’s an amazing place.

The reason why I decide to write this review is to highlight that I have only seen shaolin temple uk breakdown the traditional forms and weapons into modern day combat, im not talking about “what if drills”, the school has a full size boxing ring, a huge line of heavy bags etc.. and they fight with gloves, full contact, full power to prove the moments are real( the combat area of the school looks and sounds like any muaythai or boxing gym).

I’ve even seen a teacher demonstrate no gi jujitsu in the fight team classes. Sanshou is also taught at the school but most of the techniques shifu yanzi has personally developed himself. He has gone straight into the forms and extracted practical applications. It’s really something to witness.

You don’t just learn100 forms then go on your merry way hopping from one Chinese school to the next, no! The training at shaolin temple uk I believe is how the old Chinese masters use to train back in the old days, the methods that gave shaolin huge respect 1500 years ago, learning and applying each application for a life or death situation, that legacy is being continued in Tufnell Park.

It is a real pleasure being part of a fun loving and heavily committed to learning real shaolin skill community.

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