Robert Chan

I’ve been practicing Qigong over 7 years, unfortunately July 2021 got stuck down by critical Covid was hospitalized and placed on a ventilator to help me breath due to covid-pneumonia. August was discharged from hospital, but would be out of breathe very easily, low energy, weak, brain fogginess, fatigue (couldn’t walk across the street), pretty much I felt useless 🙁

Shifu Shi Yan Zi (Shaolin temple founder) and Mrs Fu suggested I start practicing QiGong again, to be honest, after doing two moves without any force I’d be totally exhausted and pass out to sleep for 2 hours. The main issue was the covid-pneumonia lung scaring, around 50% of my lungs were holes per the x-ray.

With Shifu’s guidance I followed his special practices to heal, I was naughty and only trained 3-4 times per week (instead of daily), yet within a few weeks my breathe, energy improved. By mid-September my energy regained fully, returned to work as I could now think and not get exhausted.

mid-September I had a follow up x-ray, Lungs fully 100% healed the covid-pneumonia all gone.

Thank you Shifu Shi Yan Zi and Mrs Fu. I feel re-born.

Robert Chan, uk

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