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35th Generation Disciple

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From a very young age Roxana was fascinated by martial arts of all kinds and related to the warrior archetype very strongly. Roxana was drawn in initially by a fascination with Ninjitsu, South African Nguni, iklwa and shield fighting and Viking/medieval sword fighting. As a child she would often play outside alone using sticks as her weapons and also played “Ninja warrior games” with her sisters.

In her early teens Roxana started watching old Chinese Kungfu films and came across Shaolin Gongfu, she fell completely in love with the art and the idea of a benevolent warrior. A few years after, in her later teens, Roxana found a Shaolin Gongfu School not too far from her home in Johannesburg. She trained there for 3 years with a 35th Generation Disciple of Master Shi Yan Ming of USA Shaolin Temple in New York. Roxana progressed quickly as her passion enabled her to keep extremely dedicated. She performed at many demonstrations as competition was not available nationally in South Africa at the time. Roxana trained in many Taolu, open hand forms, staff, broadsword and particularly Straight Sword (Jian). She also worked hard to earn money so she could afford to travel to New York and train directly with Shi Yan Ming for a 10 day workshop with one of her sisters, Tatiana.

Roxana relocated to London, England and did not train for a few years due to establishing a new life, working on her acting career and travelling internationally where she experienced, and learnt about many new cultures and martial arts practiced around the world. In 2011, Roxana finally resumed training with Shaolin Temple UK under the tutelage of Master Shi Yan Zi and his older disciples. Since then Roxana has been training consistently and dedicated to deepening her understanding of martial techniques and principles within Taolu, practicing the art and science of fighting with Sanshou, cultivating a strong internal practice with Qi Gong and meditation and now furthering her knowledge in Qinna and self defence techniques.

In 2017 Roxana started her teaching journey, helping Shi Heng Dao with his classes. In early 2019 Roxana became a 35th Generation Shaolin Disciple by Master Shi Yan Zi. Spotting an opportunity to grow awareness, understanding and to help more women learn the benefits of Shaolin Gongfu, Roxana set up classes to train Women at Shaolin Temple UK where she continues to provide this teaching and support.

Roxana is committed to a lifelong journey in the study and practice of Martial arts, particularly within Shaolin Gongfu, and strives to continuously deepen her understanding in all fields of this very holistic martial practice.

In 2014 Roxana competed in the 3rd European Shaolin Festival and won Silver for Xiao Hong Quan.

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