Shifu Hengdi

35th Generation Disciple
Brief info

Ever since I was a kid I fell in love with the old school Kung Fu films and wished I too could become strong and confident like the heroes in those movies. As time passed I wanted to learn real skills to defend myself from potential threats which made me take up boxing. In 2008 I met Shifu Yanzi and realized his Kung Fu is authentic and powerful which has real application in a combat situation. It is under Shifu Yanzi I found my style Shaolin Iron Legs and trained many years to improve my Kungfu.

In addition to Kung Fu, I have trained with multiple different discipline masters as well as professional MMA, Muay Thai and boxing athletes and champions which helped me understand ring fighting and importance of timing and precision.

In order to test my skills, I have competed in amateur and professional bouts in Sanda, Muay Thai, Boxing and K1 fights up until 2014.

Through my journey, I learnt that Shaolin Kungfu is much more than a combat skill, it has the perfect balance of internal and external training of one’s mind and body through a variety of exercises such as forms and Qi Gong practice. My knowledge of 11 years taught me that everyone can practice Kung Fu to fit their lifestyle for self-development. Whether your goal is to get fit, build self-confidence, improve your health, become a fighter or find self-balance and peace through practice I am happy to coach you to reach your potential.

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