Shifu Henghu

35th Generation Disciple
Brief info

He is a REPS Level 3 certified Personal Trainer which he studied in London, England. Where he acquired knowledge in modern scientific principles to exercise including; advanced anatomy and physiology, nutrition and it’s application to health and exercise, client support, exercise planning, programming personal training with clients, as well as gym based exercise. He provides a holistic approach encompassing traditional eastern techniques combined with modern western sports science.

He enjoys that training in Shaolin Kungfu offers many benefits and can be used as a means to develop ones health and fitness, self defence, a competitive sport, mindfulness, and a method for awakening to Buddhist enlightenment.

At Shaolin Temple UK he studied extensively under Shaolin grandmasters Shifu Yanzi and Shifu Yanlei. Here he developed a strong interest in Shaolin Qigong and learnt Traditional forms and Sanshou. He has also learnt from other prominent Shaolin masters including; Shi Guolin based in New York, and Shifu Yanxin in Ireland.

Henghu has undertook intensive Yoga study in the foothills of the Himalayas with Indian Yogis at the incredible spiritual Yoga capital of the world Rishikesh, India. There he learnt sacred Vedic mantras, yogic cleansing techniques, pranayama and meditations, along with an extensive study of Asana (postures), the understanding and ability to correct alignment, make variations, and modifications to minimise the risk of injury and hands on adjustments. As well as other yoga related subjects.

He has trained in China at the historic Shaolin Temple and Shaolin Combat School where under the tutelage of his master Shifu Yanzi, he successfully completed a 100 day training course for developing the Shaolin Steel Jacket, one of the Shaolin 72 styles. As a senior at the school he taught Qigong, Kungfu and Sanshou Kickboxing to Western as well as Chinese students.

Henghu has gold and silver medals for Taolu and Sanshou (Sanda) Kickboxing and has performed as a member of the Shaolin Warrior Monks team at Shaolin Temple, China.

Today he lives in Tokyo, Japan where he works as a reputable fitness trainer at a prestigious private members club. And teaches Shaolin Qigong and Kungfu.
He also offers:
– private lessons, 1-2-1 and group
– personal training
– online coaching
– corporate events

His spare time outside of training is spent out in nature and in Buddhist temples where he continues to develop his interest in the Dharma. He is very happy to reunite with his Shaolin family back home in joining the team for online coaching and training.


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