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35th Generation Disciple E-mail: Brief info My martial arts journey started when I was 14. I decided to take karate lessons after I went through a few rather unpleasant incidents that involved verbal bullying and threatening letters. However, I wasn’t very interested in the sport karate, because I was being pushed to competing, and I […]

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Shifu Han Li

35th Generation Disciple E-mail: Brief info Ever since I was a child I have loved martial arts. Watching martial art legends like Bruce Lee and what they were able to do fascinated me. I always thought it would be amazing to do what they could. It wasn’t until I was 14 that I discovered the

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35th Generation Disciple E-mail: Brief info Training is really my heart felt passion, I’ve been training for as long as I can remember. I grew alongside 3 brothers, we wrestled, punched, kicked for hours everyday. I think it was then were I learnt the aptitude for martial arts and understood the external movements of the

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Shifu Hengjiu

35th Generation Disciple E-mail: Brief info Akin (Shifu Shi Heng Jiu) is a 35th generation Shaolin Temple disciple. He was born in London England and moved to Lagos, Nigeria as a child. During his childhood years Akin developed an interest in Chinese martial Arts through exposure to Hong Kong martial arts movies, especially the films

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Shifu Henghu

35th Generation Disciple E-mail: Brief info He is a REPS Level 3 certified Personal Trainer which he studied in London, England. Where he acquired knowledge in modern scientific principles to exercise including; advanced anatomy and physiology, nutrition and it’s application to health and exercise, client support, exercise planning, programming personal training with clients, as well

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Shifu Hengdao

35th Generation Disciple Brief info Founder of the Shaolin Temple Slovenia, Shi Hengdao is 35th generation Shaolin disciple, under Shifu Yanzi’s and grandmaster Shaolin Abbot Shi Yong Xin, who teaches in both London, UK and in Slovenia. Shi Heng Dao is an experienced and skilled teacher of quite few traditional martial arts, especially Shaolin Kung

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Shifu Hengdi

35th Generation Disciple E-mail: Brief info Ever since I was a kid I fell in love with the old school Kung Fu films and wished I too could become strong and confident like the heroes in those movies. As time passed I wanted to learn real skills to defend myself from potential threats which made

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Shifu Heng Ai

35th Generation Disciple E-mail: Brief info From a very young age Roxana was fascinated by martial arts of all kinds and related to the warrior archetype very strongly. Roxana was drawn in initially by a fascination with Ninjitsu, South African Nguni, iklwa and shield fighting and Viking/medieval sword fighting. As a child she would

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